3 tips for blogging in the Holiday Season

During the festive season, your loyal readership is distracted by Christmas and all the associated fun and stress. Usually your blog posts are a welcome relief from the everyday slog that is the working week, but now that the holidays are here, your reader’s priorities have changed. WebCreative offers 3 tips for blogging in holiday.

People are in a celebrating, reflective or planning mood or a combination of these. The old year is rolling out and they are projecting for the new year. To compensate for the changes in attitudes over the holiday season, you should change your blog.

1. Offer Seasonal Tips and Advice

No matter what your website is about, there is always a way to integrate the festive season into it. You should look for seasonal related tips and advice that you can give related to your blog’s niche. Even if your blog is on the topic of precious metals, you can write posts about how the winter frost may make some metals more brittle, explain how many reindeer a sheet of precious metal can hold. Some blog niches are easier to convert into seasonal themes, such as cookery blogs and decorating blogs.

You can equally give discount offers on your products/services for the forthcoming year.

2. Give Your Readers Less to Read

This season can be very busy for lots of people. You do not want to bore your readers with a long detailed post – while its holiday. It’s best to go straight to the point (possibly use pictures to illustrate), lighten the tone and make your post an exciting read.

While generally, short blog posts do not help your search engine optimization, occasions like this (holiday seasons) can be an exception to that rule.

If people log on to look at your blog post then they are probably not going to be in the mood to read a weighty post, so make it a short and sweet one.

3. Prepare Seasonal Messages for Your Social Networking Channels

The social networks are so interactive that just a few seasonal messages can stimulate a massive response. Prepare a few seasonal messages for Twitter and Facebook – and add your thought for the day, and your response rate will be higher than ever as people clamber to send their season’s greetings back to you. If you create a few messages that are a little more poignant than the usual “Merry Christmas” message then you will find that you get a far larger response.

Bonus Tip

Most of all – don’t forget to take some time off for yourself. Running a blog is really hard work – so it’s good to have some time to relax with the family and take some time away from the computer.

Season’s Greetings from WebCreative Nigeria.

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