So who’s visiting your site?

One of the mistakes you or your web developer can make is to set up your website and not keep track of who is visiting your website.

Even if you think the website is unimportant or not going to generate traffic, it’s important to still have the least form of visitor tracking.

The Importance of Data

Let’s say you have this site without any form of tracking. Ten, five or three years down the line, you decide to do something with the site, which by now has gained value (domain value, some traffic). It becomes impossible to trace the visiting history or pattern of the visitors to your site. No data on visitors/visits.

Web Analytics Tools

While there are a variety of tools for collecting and analyzing visitors to your website, here are three suggestions.

Google Analytics

By far the most popular and one of the best data analytics tools, it is also free! Website owners can track visitors and analyze data about web traffic. Google Analytics can also be integrated into mobile apps to measure and optimize user acquisition and engagement.

Google Analytics is easy to integrate and it collects and analyzes website traffic, users, demographics, bounce rates, information about users’ devices, location pages visited etc.

Find out more on the Google Analytics page.


Yahoo Web Analytics


So, as a rule of thumb, always set up analytics on your websites and apps, even when you’re in beta or all you have is an idea. That way you’d have some basic information about your (potential) visitors.

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